Your home. Your life.

  • History

    Triangle Enterprises Ltd began work as a general contractor in Calgary in the early 1980's. Our growth was fed by our reputation for unsurpassed quality, workmanship and professionalism.


    In the early years, we renovated many inner city communities in Calgary south-way, working with customers who desired superior craftsmanship that redefined high quality building practices. We learned the importance of being a low volume home builder who was able to dedicate attention and effort into every home.

  • 35 Years Experience

    35 years later our extensive renovation experience continues to set us part. We have seen how average builder grade work fails over time. We use this knowledge on your job. Always building to out highest Triangle quality, which is far above industry standards and practices. Keeping you happy for the life of your home.


    We have grown out facility and workspace over time, allowing for building of cabinetry welding and warehousing. To ensure the highest building standards and quality are maintained, all by limiting the use of sub-trades in favour of handling many carpentry tasks internally.  We continue this chain of care by not outsourcing warehousing and truck delivery. The ensures unparalleled management and quality in all aspects of your project.

  • "In 2012 we bought an old house in Elbow Park and based on rave reviews we hired Triangle Enterprises to help us renovate it. The renovation went exceedingly well and we moved in Christmas 2012. In June 2013, the Elbow River flooded causing major damage to our house. We were overseas. Triangle did literally everything. At the time of evacuation, Triangle sent us video of the river flowing in front of our house. Once the neighborhood was opened up, they sent us photos, waded through chest high sewage filled water to engage the pumps. After they hauled damaged furniture, washing machines, a furnace, hot water tank and completely stripped our basement. All before we returned home 10 days after the flood.

    To rebuild Triangle took care to engaged, engineer and determine if our foundation was stable, they explored many possible ways to rebuild the basement making it stronger and more water resistant. They researched homes in ares that have evade water issues and did their best to make our 100 year old foundations strong and water tight. Triangle went above and beyond in every way throughout the flood and rebuilding; a remarkable thing considering they were doing the same thing with 16 other homes in the flooded area.

    Never,  have we ever, come in contact with such a hard working, honest, conscientious contracting company. Triangle Enterprises is the best and we highly recommend them to others."

    -Sam B

  • Our Team

    Through word of mouth, Triangle Enterprises Ltd. has grown from a one man operation to a capable trusted team that shares OUR VISION of building relationships and homes that last a lifetime.

    Most of our lead carpenters began their careers with Triangle Enterprises Ltd. The average Triangle employee has been with us for 13 years, building on our legacy of homes built to the highest of standards. you will be confident having our team in your home knowing they are committed to unsurpassed quality, integrity, compassion, positive work ethics and attitude.

     Trust and communications is key in our success. Once Triangle Enterprises Ltd. starts work in your home the same lead carpenter remains on your project, in your home everyday. Encouraging trust and communications, all while ensuring our high standards are met throughout the project.

  • Quotes Pricing and Timelines

    All builds and renos can have unforeseen costs. Sticking to quotes regarding time and budget is a highly valued characteristic in a contractor. In our nearly 40 years in business we have become practiced in providing realistic costs and timelines before the start of a project. We give the facts, not fluff. We tell you what it is going to cost rather than what we think you want to hear. We want to build or reno your home properly, we are not looking to gouge or pocket a little extra when we can. We pass savings on to and show you all our expenses in transparent billing systems so you know what we pay and so you can clearly see what is going into your home.